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    Implementation of the regional comprehensive plans to promote employment allowed to employ about 109 thousand people

    Monitoring of a comprehensive plan implementation as of 1st June 2015 indicates that active ... preservation of stability in the labor market comprehensive plans to promote employment in the regions are approved and implemented. These ...

    - 17.06.2015 - 10:40

    Comprehensive plans to promote employment will be approved in all Kazakhstan regions by March 15, 2015

    ... To do this, in pursuance of a Presidential assignment, comprehensive plans to promote employment will be approved in all Kazakhstan regions by March ...

    - 17.02.2015 - 16:51

    MHSD Kazakhstan plans to develop about 900 professional standards relating to all sectors of the economy till 2020

    ... for these categories of citizens. This year, within comprehensive plans to promote employment of regions and the "Roadmap employment 2020” we ...

    - 30.06.2015 - 12:29

    REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST Selection of the Individual Consultant on labor market research in the Republic of Kazakhstan No. KZSJ-2.1/IC-05

    ... system in the Republic of Kazakhstan: a. Comprehensive analysis of tools, methods, models and calculation algorithms ... b. Development of detailed action plans (road maps detailing the strategy) for the implementation of each of the ...

    - 04.09.2017 - 16:34

    Since the beginning of the year 190,6 thousand people are employed in Kazakhstan – MHSD RK РК - strategy.kz of 20.07.2015

    ... In 2015 within the framework of implementing of the regional comprehensive plans for employment promotion developed under order of the Head of state in ...

    - 21.07.2015 - 17:58

    Address of the President of Kazakhstan to the People of Kazakhstan "Strategy Kazakhstan-2050": new political course of the established state". 14.12.2012

    ... Policy regarding water resources   2. Comprehensive support of entrepreneurship – leading force in the national ... time and conditions will bring their own adjustments to our plans, as they did to 2030 program.   2050 – is not merely a ...

    - 27.12.2012 - 15:01

    MEASSAGE of President to people of Kazakhstan

    ... Last year we took a further step toward the comprehensive economic,social and political modernization of Kazakhstan . ... sector. Vagaries oflife will call for adjustments to our plans. We should be ready for that. We must learn the lessons of the U.S. ...

    - 06.02.2008 - 00:00

    The formalization of the self-employed discussed in the Ministry of labor

    ... akims of oblasts, cities of Astana and Almaty. The comprehensive plans of promotion of employment and the filling of the Card of employment, ...

    - 29.12.2017 - 18:25

    100 concrete steps

    ... in accordance with the completion of the strategic annual plans; for mayors and governors: in accordance with such indicators as the ... including law enforcement, shall be adopted. 15. Comprehensive certification of civil servants shall be carried out after ...

    - 10.10.2016 - 16:52

    The Address of the President of Kazakhstan to the People. September 1998

    ... inherited by our children and our children's children in the comprehensive Kazakhstan–2030 Report. The 2030 Plan sets forth a detailed ... frustration. They can not wait for these sound, long–term plans to bear fruit. We will do what is necessary to ensure that citizens ...

    - 26.05.2011 - 10:48

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