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    More work - more pension, June 27, 2018, the newspaper "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda"

    ... pensioners who have worked for 33 years or more, the basic pension will increase by 2 times compared to 2017. Since ... it is granted regardless of the receipt of solidarity and funded pensions. In other words, every pensioner who has reached the retirement ...

    - 26.07.2018 - 18:31

    "Pension provision - a matter of national importance", newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda - Kazakhstan" dated 10.12.2013

    Announcements:  Comparative analysis of pension systems in western countries. Pension provision - a ... that were made during the operation. With contributions funded system that deducts the employee to accumulate, and are not earmarked ...

    - 06.01.2014 - 16:18

    Information-analytical material about the current situation in the social and labor sphere

    ... and labor sphere. According to solidarity pension system: Since January 1, 2013 increase in pension ... payments amounted to 41,855 KZT. According to funded pension system: To date, the pension market republic ...

    - 05.07.2013 - 18:43

    "Retirement should be worthy," the newspaper "The New Generation" from 06.12.2013

    ... "The New Generation" from 06.12.2013 Pension should be signified. One of the main goals of any state is to ... with pension reform used a combined scheme, but it is funded pension schemes of the population which are becoming increasingly ... economic growth. Financial institutions, built on a funded scheme, coexist harmoniously with the earlier public PAYG pension ...

    - 13.12.2013 - 15:44

    Report on achievement of key performance indicators of the Memorandum signed between the Prime Minister and the Minister of ZSR of Kazakhstan as of 1 October 2016

    ... indicator "the Share of employed population covered by the funded pension system" (the target value of 70.8%) The calculation of this ...

    - 08.11.2016 - 16:38

    Article Vice Minister of Labor and Social Protection Jakupova S.K.

    ... of basic public social security, mandatory social insurance, pension savings security and social assistance. Minimum social standards to ... from the national budget (occupational pensions); - Funded Pension of funded pension system by the mandatory pension contributions ...

    - 06.01.2014 - 16:42

    The main reasons and three components of pension reform

    ... " The main reasons and three components of the pension reform," the newspaper "Time" from November 26, 2013. ... on the need for further development and improvement of the funded pillar. To modernize this is the storage component , needed to take ...

    - 06.01.2014 - 17:32

    Since July 1, 2017 the procedure for granting the base pension will be changed in Kazakhstan

    ... reported that the Concept of further modernization of the pension system of Kazakhstan till 2030, approved by the Decree of the Head of ... minimum; - an introduction of a new conditional and funded elements since 2018 due to a contribution from the employer at 5% of the ...

    - 05.03.2015 - 11:21

    Subsidizing of mandatory pension savings will be a good help for moms of Kazakhstan - IA "Kazinform" from 01.04.2014

    Announcements:  Subsidizing of mandatory pension savings will be a good help for moms Kazakhstan - IA "Kazinform" from ... with less experience of women's participation in a funded system - due to its location on maternity leave and earlier retirement ...

    - 18.04.2014 - 18:41

    Parliament adopted the Law on the issues of pension provision

    ... legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on issues of pension provision". This Law is developed with the purpose to implement ... of participation. 2. Introduction of new conditionally funded components of the pension system at the expense of establishing ...

    - 09.07.2015 - 11:50

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