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    Kozzhanova M.S. "Providing employment (solidarity) pension payments"

    Announcements:  Kozzhanova M.S. "Providing employment (solidarity) pension payments".   PAYG ...

    - 06.01.2014 - 16:01

    On July 1, 2015 pilot projects on providing social assistance in terms of the social contract will be implemented in all regions of Kazakhstan

    ... in three oblasts (Akmola, East Kazakhstan and Zhambyl), providing for a stated allowance on the basis of a social contract in terms of ... of family members able to work in programs to promote employment and taking, if necessary, a social adaptation by the family ...

    - 05.03.2015 - 12:58

    70% of state organizations providing social services will be adapted to the needs of persons with specific needs in 2015

    ... In 2015, 70% of state organizations of Kazakhstan, providing services for awarding of pensions and allowances, setting the ... especially planned to perform in pension centers, regional employment and social programmes agencies, medical and social examination ...

    - 25.02.2015 - 12:32

    "West Kazakhstan oblast is the top region in the RK in terms of providing labo rconditions" – IA "Bnews" of 04.05.2015

    ... 391.2 thousand people, they accounted for 21.7% of total employment. Of these, in terms of increased noise and vibration worked 160.0 ...

    - 05.05.2015 - 18:52

    e-government service

    ... devices Attachment to the medical organization providing primary health care Appointment to the doctor ... Issuance and extension of permit to foreign workers for employment and to employers for attraction of foreign labor force to carry out ...

    - 30.11.2018 - 17:58

    Information on implementation of the Program Roadmap employment 2020 (as of 1 September 2013)

    From 1 July 2011 been launched the Employment Program 2020, approved by the Government of the Republic of ... The program consists of the following areas: 1. Providing employment through the development of infrastructure and housing and ... 7.9 thousand people. The first direction "Providing employment through the development of infrastructure and housing and ...

    - 18.12.2013 - 10:33

    Working trip toTuimekentsky rural district of Baizaksy district, Zhambyl region

    ... the applied measures on social supportof repatriates, their employment and advantages within the Business Roadmap -2020 programfor ... direction of state policy onrepatriates immigration issues (providing housing and employment) is implemented within the Business Roadmap ...

    - 30.04.2014 - 11:46


    ... contract of activation of family – the pilot project providing the fissile forms of the social help when the family takes the ... project gives several opportunities:  - help in employment;  - training of specialty, retraining in other profession or ...

    - 15.08.2016 - 19:45

    REPORT on the activities of the Ministry of healthcare and social developmenton the provision of state services in socio - labor in 2016

    ... Astana and Almaty. The mission of the Ministry of employment and social protection: Protection of labor rights, the promotion of ... "About state allowances to families having children", providing for the payment of a lump sum on the birth of a child-care allowances ...

    - 29.04.2017 - 16:29

    Budget of MLSPP for 2011

    ... 001 "Formation of public policy in the field of labour, employment, social protection of the population"        2 ... Program 008 "Services in information and analytical providing in base of employment and poverty"           ...

    - 25.08.2012 - 20:20

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