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    On strengthening of work of the Republican state budget-supported enterprise "State center for pension payment" with regard to advanced notification of pension and benefits recipients

    Suspension of payments by RSBSE «State center for pension payment» (hereafter referred to ... for provision of state basic pension payment and state basic social disability allowance, breadwinner loss benefit and age benefits ...

    - 04.08.2014 - 19:34

    Concerning the accomplishment of pension payments and benefits “month to month”, increase the amounts of pensions and benefits . Payments “month to month”

    Concerning the accomplishment of pension payments and benefits “month to month”, increase the amounts of pensions ... of pension payments, State basic pension payments, state social benefits on invalidity, on lass of a benefactor, old-age benefits on ...

    - 14.12.2006 - 00:00

    Social support and social insurance

    Mandatory social insurance  – set of measures arranged, controlled and guaranteed by ... (children) and nursing till one year age; Payer of the social expenditures  – employer or a self-employed person executing ... of Kazakhstan; Social expenditures  – mandatory payments to State Social Insurance Fund entitling a participant of mandatory ...

    - 14.01.2015 - 16:39

    Draft amendment providing for raising of social payments in Kazakhstan was presented in the Majilis of Parliament of RK

    ... Today, Duissenova T.K., the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of RoK presented draft amendment regarding ... social support, intended to raise pension and social payments. The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population offered ...

    - 13.03.2014 - 18:05

    e-government service

    ... of state basic pension payment Assignment of social payments for social risk cases: loss of earning capacity Assignment of ...

    - 30.11.2018 - 17:58

    Relevant Information on Increased Pensions and Social Payments from April 1, 2014

    ... State of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev N. announced social support measures, together with the increased salaries of civil workers ... is authorized to  increase the pensions up to 14%, social payments – up to 12%. It is known that from January 1, 2014, pensions ...

    - 19.02.2014 - 13:05

    In I quarter 2018 the total amount of social payments from the SSIF was more than 43 bln.

    State Social Insurance Fund paid to its recipients 43.7 billion. Tenge for the I quarter of 2018. The most popular are payments related to motherhood and childhood. Nearly 51,000 women were paid ... related to job loss. To this it was allocated 6 billion. Social payments from the SSIF shall be covered by social security contributions ...

    - 28.04.2018 - 18:27

    The appointment of social payments to citizens who have lost work in Kazakhstan is facilitated from June 1

    ... citizens can draw up the documents for the appointment of social payment in case of job loss from the State Social Insurance Fund. This ... special benefits in accordance with lists 1 and 2; social payments in case of disablement, Survivors, Unemployment; basic pension ...

    - 12.06.2015 - 13:12

    Payment of the STP entitles to social payments for pregnancy and childbirth, childcare for up to one year in increased amounts - M. Abylkasymova

    Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Madina Abylkasymova told about the introduction of the STP and its impact on the receipt of social payments by the population in cases of disability, loss of a breadwinner, loss ...

    - 20.09.2018 - 18:40

    More than 772 thousand Kazakhstan citizens received payments from the State Social Insurance Fund in 2017

    In the 12 months of 2017, payments from the State Social Insurance Fund (hereinafter - SSIF) amounted to about 157 billion tenge. ...

    - 29.01.2018 - 14:11

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