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For reference: according to the Statistics Committee of the MNE RK, the number of economically active population aged from 15 years and older reached 9.1 million people, in which 4.4 million are women.

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Last year, 14 thousand Kazakhstan citizens were able to receive funds for the start of entrepreneurial activity in terms of the State program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017-2021 "Enbek". It is noteworthy that about 10 thousand of them had not been involved in labor activity before.

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According to the official data of the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, today there are 3.9 million young people all over republic (aged from 14 to 29 years).

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According to the Statistics Committee of the MNE RK, the number of workers aged 15 years and older at the results of the I–quarter of 2019 amounted to 9.1 million people. The economy of the republic employed 8.7 million people or 66.6% of the population aged 15 years and older.

To date, the State program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017 – 2021 "Enbek" (hereinafter − the Program) is being implemented.

Within the framework of the Program, together with the National chamber of entrepreneurs "Atameken", the project "Bastau Business" is implemented, aimed at training the participants of the Program in entrepreneurial skills.

Provision of state grants for the implementation of new business ideas

State grants are provided to Program participants who implement or plan to implement a start-up business on a non-refundable and non-refundable basis.

Applicants for state grants are also immigrants and oralmans who have completed basic business entrepreneurship courses in the Program or who have completed training in the first direction of the Program and have not previously received financial support in other government programs.

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In order to ensure employment of the population, including youth, the Government is implementing the Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship (hereinafter - the Program).

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Top most popular profession

(According to the survey, conducted by JSC "TSRTR" in the 3rd quarter of 2017)

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The problem of youth unemployment paid much attention to the program "employment Road map 2020", where young people are identified as a priority target group. For the whole period of implementation of the roadmap of employment covered by state support measures more than 388 thousand people among the youth, which is more than 48% of its privateers (797 thousand). One of the problems with employment of the active part of young people who have completed secondary or higher education institution is the issue of employment on the first job.

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