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Dear Bauyrzhan Kydyrgaliyevich, dear colleagues!

The ministry carried out a detailed analysis of the disability structure in the country, the results of which determined the number of disabled workers, of self-employed and the ones who are in need of employment; set the number of disabled people who cannot be employed for health issues considering the presence of severe diseases and limitations. The gender and age structure of employable people with disabilities, their level of education, qualifications and type of disease were determined.

At present,there are more than 600 thousand people in the country,and more than 3.5 % of total population (including 69 thousand disabled children). New understanding of disability andsocial support of disabled peopleincludes eithertimely payment ofsocial contributions, or their rehabilitation andintegration to the society.

Kazakhstan has taken obligations forimplementation of international standards related todisabled people, by signing the Conventionand the Optional protocol to the Conventionon rights of disabled people.

Within the years of independent development, national model of social security has been created and several important social programs intended for improving the quality of life of the population have been adopted according to Strategy “Kazakhstan – 2030”.

According to UN experts, the number of young people living on the planet, has increased from 720 million people in the middle of the XX century to 1.8 billion KZT in the first decade of the XXI century.

About 90% of them live in developing countries, most of which are experiencing a population explosion, there young people make up more than 30% of the working population. Developed countries, on the other hand, are experiencing population aging.


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