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Promote the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas from 01.01.2012 to 31.12.2012

Stimulating entrepreneurship aimed at increasing economic activity of citizens through their own business.

In this direction, the Program may participate rural entrepreneurs and persons of the number of self-employed, unemployed and low-income people who want and have the opportunity to organize their own business. Priority will be given the right to participate for women wishing to set up their own business in the village.

From the text of the Program


Development and improvement of

engineering and communication infrastructure (ECI) since the inception of the program (01.07.2011.)

Number of microcredit organizations and / or credit partnerships that have signed contracts for micro-crediting (units) Number of citizens of Programs who have received microcredit since the start of the program (01.07.2011.) of these, the number of citizens who received microcredits in the current year (people) including of which rural entrepreneurs (people) The number of people on projects which provide funds for improvement ECI (people) of them completed projects (units)
the number of citizens trained in the basics of entrepreneurship (people) the number of citizens who have opened their own businesses (people)
1 228 145 75 83 112 36 36


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