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The meningococcal infection caused the death of 15-year old girl from Shymkent

According to the preliminary results of an autopsy the cause of girl's death in the South Kazakhstan region is tremendous form of meningococcal infection of a bacterial nature, not related with the vaccination against measles. 

On Ақпан 18th the girl born in 1999 was vaccinated against measles in a secondary school № 109 of Shymkent.

On 22nd of Ақпан at 19:15 she was hospitalized in the Infectious department of the City Hospital No.1 in a moderate severe state.  

On 23rd of Ақпан at 02:15 state of a girl sharply deteriorated, her heart stopped and respiratory failure occurred. Resuscitation measures were taken, but in vain.

On the same day the Ministry of health and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan sent the Working Committee of specialists from RoK MHSD, Consumer rights protection committee of the Ministry of National economics of RoK, Chief freelance allergist-immunologist of the RoK MHSD to Shymkent.

Following the autopsy results and forensic analysis the preliminary diagnosis of meningococcal disease was made. Meningococcemia. Meningococcal meningitis".

All necessary biomaterial is subject for pathomorphological and laboratory investigation.

In Kazakhstan annually up to 120 cases of meningococcal disease are registered, the mortality rate is about 10-15%, over 70% of morbidity and mortality is children.

24 ақпан, 2015 - 15:14 өзгертілді
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