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40 Kazakhstan families bringing up the children with disabilities received consultation from the online support service - dated September 11, 2015

Ministry of healthcare and social development of the RK jointly with Kazakhstan-Russian Medical University (hereinafter – KRMU) since Маусым, 2015 implement the project on online support of the parents who are bringing up the disabled children. For the period of the service functioning 40 Kazakhstan families bringing up disabled children have got advices of psychologists, BЖаңалықтар.kz broadcasts.

According to information of the MHSD RK, the main objective of Online Support Service is to render the consultative assistance to families in which there is a disabled child, in order to create conditions for formation of psychological health of persons with physical disabilities, favorable social and psychological climate in a family, and also rendering psychological support to the citizens who are bringing up the disabled children.

Work of service is arranged by means of the "SKYPE" software with involvement of the qualified psychologists that allows parents to get professional advice without leaving their houses.

Applications for consultations of specialists are admitted round the clock by free telephone number 1411.

More detailed information about online support service is available in departments of employment coordination and social programs at place of residence or addressing KRMU e-mail:

Let us remind that on the enlarged meeting of collegium of the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the RK which was held on Ақпан 17 of this year, the Head of the Ministry Tamara Duisenova reported that this year specialists of MHSD RK will undertake active actions aimed at improvement of quality of the services rendered in health system and the social and labor sphere.

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