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Targeted social support –, the from 30 of April 2016 will be extended to the Kazakhstan veterans

BЖаңалықтар.kz reports targeted social support will be extended to the Kazakhstan veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

"On the threshold of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 71st anniversary celebration plans of events on rendering of measures of support for veterans and their honoring are prepared by the local executive bodies.

 According to information of akimats, by local budgets for 2016 for rendering to veterans of one-time financial aid 2,6 bln. tenge are provided ," it is said in reporting of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

In addition, it is noted that disabled persons of Great Patriotic War in the priority way will be provided with sanatorium-resort treatment, prosthetics and provision of prosthetic-orthopedic products, surdo means and by other compensatory auxiliary means of tooth prosthetics as well medical services, the mandatory grooming product, carriage armchairs, medicine means.

According to MHSD data since the beginning of the current year as at Сәуір 1 from local budgets was rendered one-time financial aid to 14,9 thousand veterans (war veterans, war disabled persons, individuals equated with them, workers of the home front) on sum 320,8 million tenge.

In accordance with data as at Сәуір 1in Kazakhstan live 3668 war veterans and war disabled persons, 176342 labored on the home front in years of the Great Patriotic War; 220 inhabitants of blockade Leningrad; 548 former underage prisoners of concentration camps, ghetto and other places of coercive content, 110 widows of soldiers, guerrillas, underground members having died during the Great Patriotic War (who disappeared without a trace) who did not enter to repeat marriage; 9386 wives of died disabled persons of war.


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