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Since the launch of the single electronic labor exchange, more than 15 thousand people got a job

the Government session

From Қаңтар 1, 2018 common electronic labor exchange will be launched across the country. The system will start to work in all 199 employment centers. Will be connected about 10 Internet sites for employment and about half will increase the number of involved private employment agencies.

These and other innovations in the development of a Unified information system social and labor sphere, on the Government session was presented by the Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova.

The existing infrastructure of the labor market because of the fragmentation was the result of time and financial costs from both employers and job seekers. Since the applicants were able to physically climb a few employers, and businesses, in turn, carried out a huge number of fruitless interviews.

Under the President's orders, from Қазан of the current year unified electronic labor exchange launched in a pilot mode in four regions of the country – in the cities of Astana, Almaty, Pavlodar, Shymkent.

"As shown, the system combining the supply and demand on the labor market on a digital platform is proving effective. In addition to employers involved in the project are 4 pilot employment center, 2 online site, and 19 private agencies. Today it is over 8 thousand a summary of the order of 30 thousand jobs and more than 15 thousand cases of employment" - concluded the Minister.

As part of the launch of the project across the country, expansion of coverage of employment from 10% to 20% of the total number in need of employment. Up to 1 billion tenge will decrease the costs of employers and applicants for employment through the e-exchange.

the way, created by the Department of unified information system social and labor sphere includes several projects in various areas of activity. It – labor and employment, social insurance, pension and social security, social support, social services and migration.

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