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Internet sites and private employment agencies are connected to the Electronic labor exchange

Electronic labor exchange

Today, the electronic labor exchange has already connected 4 Internet sites:,,, Search for jobs posted on these web sites, can be done on the Electronic labor exchange at To view complete information about jobs in the site.

However, already 27 private employment agencies from the Western-Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Atyrau, Kostanay, Zhambyl, South Kazakhstan, Karaganda regions and Astana, Almaty has registered a personal account on the portal and use the Electronic labor exchange for the implementation of its activities in facilitating job search and recruitment.

As previously reported, the Electronic labor exchange from Қазан 2017 worked in a pilot mode in the centers of employment of the population of the cities of Astana, Almaty, Pavlodar and Shymkent. With a Қаңтар 2018 launch implemented throughout Kazakhstan. The employment centers under the new business processes will be to find candidates for jobs submitted through the portal employers and private employment agencies.

For employers introduced a multi-channel registration of vacancies without mandatory personal visit to their employment centers. The employer may transfer employment center information about the availability of jobs through a personal account in the Electronic labor exchange. This greatly simplifies the implementation of compulsory legislation on the provision by employers of vacancies in the employment centers.

To register a personal account on the Electronic labor exchange enough email for full use of functionality of the portal and digital signature for authentication and validation of submitted information.

In its activities, the employment centers are moving to a proactive and targeted format of interaction with employers. In practice, the approaches will be implemented based on the interests of employers. As a modern HR service on the basis of professional selection of the competencies they will choose employers most suitable candidates.

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