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Questions digitalization of social and labor sphere discussed at the meeting of the Government of the RK

Government of the RK

To date, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Kazakhstan already has a joint information system, which includes 11 information subsystems in all areas of activity of the Ministry.

This was announced today during the regular meeting of the Government.

According to the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan Madina Abylkasymova unified information system provides a personalized account of more than 15 million. Kazakhstan from birth throughout life and provides automated services in all its stages.

"It is also automated 17 of the 34 services of the Ministry, 2 services related to childbirth are proactively 3 services partially automated, 7 service assignment information can be obtained in electronic form. In the current year within the framework of "Digital Kazakhstan" three large-scale projects will be launched. The first project - the development of a unified information system of social and labor sphere. The second project of digitalization - is an electronic labor exchange. The third project - the introduction of electronic accounting system of employment contracts "- said the Minister.

Electronic Labor Exchange has been created and is the first realized project of the State Program "Digital Kazakhstan".

Since the beginning of the year 93 thousand citizens registered on the Exchange, and more than 71 thousand people have already found a job. Today, 199 employment centers are connected to the electronic exchange, registered 35 thousand employers, has 31 000 current vacancies.

It operates a mobile application of electronic labor exchange based on Android. On 01/07/2018, the ESTs will be realized mobile application based on IOS.

Translated into electronic format employment contracts will simplify the process of employment: does not need to collect the documents will be automatically formed a private matter of the applicant. Second, the monitoring of contributions and contributions to social insurance funds will be carried out.

As a result, the development of a unified information system of social and labor sphere, will improve the quality of services to the population of 4 directions.

So, from Шілде this year will be simplified procedure for applying for the appointment of pensions. A full range of purpose of 3 types of payments will be provided on the basis of COMPOSITE just one application with a minimum set of documents.

At the same time, all kinds of payments are made simultaneously and on one bank account, whereas now they are made from a variety of sources in different dates and to different accounts often recipients.

This innovation will affect about 70% of pensioners of the total number of people reaching retirement age (the number of annual average of about 120 thousand. People).

The second direction of modernization - is to increase the quality of services for persons with disabilities. It provides for the establishment of disability in absentia examination - without a personal appeal of uslugopoluchatelya and without application - a proactive manner. In addition, after the establishment of disability, as guaranteed by the state disability allowance from the budget and social payments on disability of the SSIF will be assigned automatically.

Transformation will affect the destination and state benefits mothers with many children, awarded pendants "Altyn Alka" or "Kumis Alka". In order to avoid walking on the chain of command, the service will be moved to a proactive format.

The fourth area of ​​modernization - is to increase the availability of social welfare of citizens have lost their jobs. Social benefits in case of loss of work will also be translated into a proactive format.

This means that when assigning a citizen of the official status of "unemployed", the appointment of social payment in case of loss of work from the State Social Insurance Fund is carried out automatically.

"In general, the digitalization of the social and labor sphere will allow to achieve a significant economic impact: through the optimization of public services will be cut annual costs of citizens and the state by 600 million tenge, due to the introduction of the electronic personnel records management business will be able to reduce their costs to KZT 1 billion annually.. "- summed up the Minister of labor and social protection of population of Kazakhstan Madina Abylkasymova.

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