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In Kazakhstan, an electronic labor exchange was created

12 Желтоксан 2017

In Kazakhstan, on behalf of the head of state Nazarbaev N.A. created a single online platform for job search and recruitment - the Electronic Labor Exchange. The advantages of the new digital platform and its functions were told by Daulet Argandykov, President of JSC Center for the Development of Human Resources.

- Daulet Rashidovich, why was the Electronic Labor Exchange created?

- The electronic labor exchange is a single digital platform for employment based on the Internet resource www.enbek.kz, with the help of which it is possible to publish vacancies and resumes at no cost. Previously, to inform the state of the planned expansion or reduction of staff, it was necessary to apply to the Employment Center. Now the process goes through the portal, which facilitates the work of the business and excludes administrative barriers.

- What is the difference between the electronic exchange and other resources to find a job?

- On the portal, recruitment services can be provided by the Employment Centers. Companies in the personal account for the vacancies announced will receive summaries of applicants who will pre-select these centers. Recruiting agencies can download the data of the exchange about the applicants who need them. On the contrary, the interests of people who need employment are more represented by the state. Now we cooperate with 25 private employment agencies, which applicants or employers can apply for, but already agreeing on the price of such services independently.

- What functionality is available to users at the moment?

- Now all the employment centers are connected to the electronic labor exchange. Today, employers can post information on vacancies on the portal, get access to the database of job seekers and pick up applicants for the stated conditions, invite for interviews and receive feedback on online vacancies. For job seekers, the functionality for CV placement, automatic selection of vacancies, as well as the ability to respond to the vacancies you like and receive invitations to interviews from employers are implemented. To date, the portal has posted more than 30,000 jobs and more than 9,000 CVs, the database is being replenished daily. In the online mode, there is an exchange of data with such Internet sites as market.kz and zarplata.kz.

- What you need to register on the portal?

- All processes on the Electronic Labor Exchange occur online. Each employer and applicant can independently register on the portal and post information or seek help from the Employment Center. To register on the portal, you must fill out the registration form and confirm the e-mail address.

Employers to confirm information about the company will need to use an electronic digital signature, or contact the Employment Center.



Источник: https://www.nur.kz/1702938-v-kazakhstane-sozdana-elektronnaya-bir.html

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