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    Assessment of practical skills and knowledge of the doctors is completed in Kazakhstan

    ... activities of the MHSD RK summed up the results of the doctors' practical skills and knowledge assessment, reports with ... examination throughout the republic constituted 79%, The doctors who did not manage to pass assessment of practical skills and knowledge ...

    - 12.09.2015 - 14:46

    Kazakhstani doctors applying for raising the category of qualification will be required to show their emergency care skills

    In 2015 Kazakhstani doctors applying for assignment of the higher, first and second categories ... from upper respiratory tracts (conicotomy). As for the doctors of therapeutic, surgical, obstetric-gynecologic, dental and other ... of skills and knowledges assessment procedure for doctors, except managers and doctors – facilitators of healthcare system. ...

    - 18.03.2015 - 12:16

    Since the beginning of the year 3017 doctors has successfully passed the examination for уknowledge and skills in technique of the emergency aid – MHSD RK - IA "" of 9.07.2015

    The domestic doctors applying for increase of qualification category showed skills of ... Ministry of Health of RK , in 1 half-year 2015the domestic doctors applying for assignment of the highest, first and second categories ... airways. For assignment of the highest category to doctors of therapeutic, surgical, obstetric and gynecologic, pediatric, ...

    - 21.07.2015 - 16:45

    New certification model of doctors will allow to evaluate medical aid skills at acute situations

    ... of evaluation procedure of knowledge and practical skills of doctors practicing clinical practice. Introduction of practical skills ... skills.  Evaluation of knowledge and practical skill of doctors was performed by examiners from independent experts, doctors with high ...

    - 11.12.2014 - 19:44

    Minister Duisenova read the letter from Aktobe on the work of doctors in the terrorist attack - dated Маусым 20, 2016

    ... and Social Development of Kazakhstan congratulated the doctors on the Day of the medical worker, reports the correspondent of ... a resident of Aktobe, Kuralay Baymenova, who wrote about the doctors of the emergency hospital involved in the rescue of the wounded in the ...

    - 28.06.2016 - 12:13

    Domestic doctors who have applied for raising of the qualification category demonstrate their skills in rendering urgent medical aid

    In 1 half of 2015 year the domestic doctors who had applied for assigning the highest, first and second categories ... airway puncture). To assign the highest category to the doctors of therapeutic, surgical, obstetric-gynecologic, pediatric, dental and ...

    - 08.07.2015 - 14:21

    East Kazakhstan doctors discussed the state of the health system

    ... social health insurance, the level of professionalism of doctors and many other questions, and their solutions, the correspondent ... center for health development Kanat Ermekbaev. Doctors are pinning their hopes on the fix for this situation in connection ...

    - 27.09.2016 - 11:14

    80 young doctors will come to WKO this year – "Moi gorod (My city)" newspaper of 7.07.2015

    ... of the WKO Kamidulla IRMENOV, as of today deficiency of doctors in our oblast constitutes 92 specialists. - For completion of the ... As it became known, currently in the healthcare system 1555 doctors work, from among them 62% have categories, and that is without taking ...

    - 21.07.2015 - 15:46

    In Almaty started the Congress of children's doctors from 6 Қазан 2016

    Almaty doctors and experts to discuss the topic of infant and child mortality. At the Congress of children's doctors, with the participation of Kazakhstan pediatricians and specialists ... said that today the country has more than 20 thousand doctors and their training in universities continues. "In General pediatric ...

    - 19.10.2016 - 17:33

    Information concerning the fact of the doctors' having to pay up to KZT25 thousand in order to get permit to work contradicts the reality

    ... Information concerning the fact of the doctors' having to pay up to KZT25 thousand in order to get permit to work ... paid basis by the independent organization. The Kazakhstan doctors shall confirm their professional suitability each 5 years. In case of ...

    - 19.01.2016 - 17:57

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