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Response to the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan “Kazakhstan’s way-2050”: Common goal, Common interests, Common future,”

To the Minister of Labor and Social Protection 

of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Mrs Duisenova Т.B.





Dear Tamara Bosymbekovna!

Annual Address of the President of State to the People of Kazakhstan has become a tradition. We wait for the clear tasks from the Head of State for the following year that gives us confidence in the future. The Address of the President is a program document, where the Head of State outlines the strategic objectives. Every year we see new highlights made, associated with the most relevant tasks of the country. It is the serious event for the whole country. However, we, the Kazakh people, are not the only ones who look forward for it to understand the main development vectors for our state. It is the annual interesting event that determines the pace and direction of our country development in years to come. The way chosen by our Leader is absolutely and unquestionably right and purposeful. We see it clearly and understand.

January 17, 2014, the President Nursultan Nazarbayev in his Address to the People of Kazakhstan “Kazakhstan’s way - 2050: Common goal, Common interest, Common future” presented the new course of our country development. After attentive listening to the adresss, members of our public association of disabled people “Zhandanu” in Zhambyl region concluded that our country is moving to the right direction. Practically everybody has seen there what he/she had expected and hoped for. There are higher wages, scholarships, benefits, simplified business procedure, cutting bureaucratical procedures, and supporting the disabled people. Head of State appealed to the businessmen and industrial managers to bring to life those who need support. More than half million Kazakh disabled citizens should have the employment opportunity*.

In course of discussion, many aspects of the 18-th Address of the President of State to the People of Kazakhstan arouse lively interest among disabled people. While exchanging opinions, it was emphasized that our Nation Leader outlined the topics in clear and plain language. They are supposed to become the priority in government work and all state structures.

 We agree with the Address of the President in full. Particularly, the point, where he says about social support: we have to strengthen attention to the disabled people. Kazakhstan must become the barrier-free zone for them. It is our duty to take care of these people, and there are many of them. It is our obligation before the society and ourselves. They do it all over the world. We should involve them in active life, besides benefits, they should feel themselves as the part of our society, useful workers. All our social institutes, nongovernmental organizations, and Nur Otan should do this. If required, Government should work out this issue with all companies, and make the corresponding decision. I authorize the Government from July 1, 2015, to rise the disabled and survivor benefits by 25%. We should improve the legal base of disabled associations’ activity. It is important to strengthen work with them in all state bodies – from Government to Local Akim. For all benefits recipients there should be the rule introduced on obligatory involvement in employment and social adaptation programs.

Head of State Nazarbayev N.A. has set tasks for the country and for everybody. These tasks require unified efforts of all executive authorities and society as a whole. For us, people with special needs, it is the appeal for action. While putting the high significance to the social and economic direction of the document, members of our disabled association are ready to any effort to implement all tasks set in the Address of the President of State.

Best regards,

Chairman of PA “Zhandanu”                                                                     Z. Yuldashev

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