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A meeting of the Minister of labor with nongovernmental organizations of disabled people, disabled people-participants of “Employment roadmap – 2020” and the heads of private employment agencies was held in Petropavlovsk

As a part of the outreach work for the explanation of the main provisions of the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev N.A., to the People of Kazakhstan “Kazakhstan's way - 2050: Common goal, Common interests, Common future” on March 26 the Deputy Prime Minister G.N. Abdykalikova and Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population DuissenovaT.K. visited on a work visit Northern Kazakhstan region.

Also, as a part of working group, Northern Kazakhstan region was visited by the Minister of Education and Science A. Sarinzhipov and Minister of Healthcare S. Kairbekova.

For the program of visit of the Minister of Labor the following was planned: visit of a number of social facilities, conducting of a workshop with the akims of rural districts, villages and settlements, employees of the bodies of social protection, state centers and private employment agencies, meetings with the employees of civil service, as well as, with the representatives of public organizations of persons with disabilities.

The Head of state in his address urged the business community to assist in finding employment for the people with disabilities.

In the view of the implementation of the Address the work of the Minister of Labor in the Northern Kazakhstan region began with a meeting with nongovernmental organizations of persons with disabilities, persons with disabilities - participants of “Employment roadmap -2020” and the heads of private employment agencies of the region. The meeting was held in Petropavlovsk in the building of the regional branch of Nur Otan party.

First of all, the Head of Social agency told the participants of the meeting about the results of execution of the order of the President, announced in his Address to the People of Kazakhstan in current year and at an enlarged meeting of the Government, dated February 14, 2014 on the issue of raising the rates of pensions and social benefits.

Thus, the Government has prepared and submitted to the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan a draft law of the Republic of Kazakhstan including a social benefits package, which stipulates an increase of:

a) basic and labor pensions for retirees;

b) public and special benefits for people with disabilities;

c) benefits for certain categories of citizens, which include people which have a work experience in particularly dangerous conditions and receiving today state benefits for the 1st and 2nd Lists, war veterans and disabled war veterans, workers of home front and, in total, 20 categories of citizens currently receiving special state benefits.

d) one-time compensations to the citizens who have suffered nuclear tests at the Semipalatinsk polygon site;

d) benefits provided to the families with children and to mothers with many children;

e) child allowance, provided to low-income families and targeted social assistance depending on actual existing level of living wage in the regions.

Thus, the social package covers all categories of socially vulnerable citizens of the country. Their total population exceeds 4 million people. At the same time, labor pensions are increased by up to 14% and the remaining payments from the basic pension to child allowances – by up to 12%, taking into account the increase done since the beginning of 2014.

Continuing the discussion of the implementation of the President's Address Tamara Duissenova highlighted the issues of integration of persons with disabilities in society,

In the implementation of the instructions of the Head of State to create a barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities, the Government is taking a series of measures, consisting of 5 directions.

First of all, it applies to the improvement of their social welfare level. As noted above, starting April 1 of current year, state social disability benefits are increased by up to 12% and from July 1, 2015 by 25% more. Thus, the increase planned for current and next year are to achieve the 50% growth – of state social support comparing to 2013.

In Northern Kazakhstan region the increase will cover more than 281 thousands of recipients of pension and social benefits.

Second direction is the creation of environment for unemployed individuals. In this regard, it should be noted about the ongoing work on sites for the inventory and adaptation to the needs of persons with disabilities of social and transport infrastructure. There was held a certification of 18.7 thousand facilities, of which more than 15,000 are defined as requiring an adaptation.

In the current year it is planned to adapt 1203 facilities or 7.8%, of which 197 facilities within the Employment roadmap, 1008 facilities at the expense of the Local Executive Body.

Certification of 2,585 facilities was held in Northern Kazakhstan region, 2,518 facilities were identified as requiring an adaptation. In the current year it is planned to conduct the adaptation of 70 facilities, including in the framework of Employment roadmap - 2, at the expense of the Local Executive Body - 68 facilities.

The third very important direction is the employment of persons with disabilities. Of more than 400 thousand disabled people of working age, 20% are working now, about 30% are able to work with their health condition.

In Northern Kazakhstan region, there are over 29 thousand disabled people, including 18.9 thousand of working age.

Currently, in all the regions there are being prepared the maps of promotion of the employment of persons with disabilities on the basis of their degree of disability, types of diseases, previous education and profession. By April 1 of current year a Republican map will be prepared. To promote the employment of disabled people organizations of both public and private sector will be involved.

The next fourth direction envisages the improvement of the legal regulatory framework. Currently, we have prepared a draft law aimed at the increase of social support for persons with disabilities, the formation of a barrier-free environment, and employment assistance.

Finally, the expansion of informative work and advocacy on the issues of disability and disabled people with the aim to change the prevailing paradigm in the society.

Also, the Minister T. Duissenova gave a detailed explanation to the attendees on the implementation of the directions of the “Employment roadmap-2020” and the set of measures of state support which are stipulated by this Program.

Given the composition of the participants, the Head of the agency highlighted the changes in the program, in the framework of which in the current year it is planned to incorporate into the state social order for non-governmental organizations and private employment agencies to participate in the implementation of the “Employment roadmap-2020” by providing job placement services.

In total 100 million tenge are suggested to be sent for this purpose from the republican budget.

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