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Social promotional event «Barrier-free environment» («Kedergisiz orta») held in all regions today

Social promotional event «Barrier-free environment»  («Kedergisiz orta») with participation of representatives of non-governmental organizations of people with disabilities, Mass media and «Nur Otan» party was held today on August 5 in 16 regions of the country.

The main purpose of the activity initiated by the Ministry of Labor and Social protection of population of the RK with the support of «Nur Otan» party is a public monitoring of socially significant facilities concerning their availability for people with disabilities and familiarization with  local executive authorities’ activity in terms of realization of the order of the Head of the country regarding creation of «barrier-free environment» in Kazakhstan.

Currently, passportization (inventory reconciliation) of 26 thousand facilities (schools, hospitals, libraries, culture centers, railway and bus stations, airports, etc.) has been carried out in Kazakhstan, where 82% require adjustments, i.е. installation of approach ramps, sound/visual/acoustic/tactile units, information sign-boards, parking facilities, «roller titles» to enable any Kazakhstani irrespective of his state of health visit them. 

1 969 facilities of socially significant infrastructure are planned to be adjusted this year (one part within the “Employment roadmap-2020”, another part – using the funds of local executive authorities).  

A special column named «Adjustment map» has been created at the site of the Ministry of Labor of the RK -http://convention.enbek.gov.kz/accessibility/8, which contains information on a quantity, name and status of facilities to be adjusted. Once information on activity performed in regions is obtained, this online column will be updated.

It is expected that similar visits with participation of mass media representatives and organizations of people with disabilities will be held on monthly basis.  

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