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WHO appreciates highly the measures undertaken by the RK in fighting with infectious diseases -, of December 8, 2015

On the threshold of the International migrant day in Astana the press conference was held to consider issues concerning regional cooperation of the Central Asia countries in fight against tuberculosis among labor migrants.

ACTAHA, December 08, 16:11

According to data of the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the RK for last 6 years the tuberculosis morbidity in the country decreased in 1,6 times, mortality - in 2,6. However the labor migrants fall within the special risk group. Kazakhstan, annually accepting from 300 to 1 million migrants became negotiation platform for the Central Asia countries on cross-border control of tuberculosis.

"The anti-tuberculosis program aimed at decrease in morbidity and mortality works effectively enough in Kazakhstan rather. It is recognized not only by our country, but also by experts of the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO appreciates highly the efficiency of the undertaken measures aimed at decrease in morbidity. In Kazakhstan the morbidity peak was in 2002-2003. Over the last 10 years we managed to reduce morbidity more than twice. Today all conditions for timely detection of this disease, including dosage steady forms are created, new innovative methods of diagnostics and others are implemented", - Director of the national Center for problems of tuberculosis at the Ministry of healthcare and social development of the RK Tleukhan Abildayev said.

He noted that today the anti-tuberculosis program of the country is considered to be one of effective programs in the world.

"Efficiency of treatment constitutes more than 87% following the results of 2014 at the WHO standard being 85%. Our goal is to provide migrants who come to Kazakhstan as to the attractive to work country with opportunity and access to diagnostics and existing effective treatment schemes. Labor migrants may apply for free medical care in case of detecting tuberculosis among them and they present infectious risk to society ", Director of the Center added.

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