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Kazakhstan launched a project on HIV-www.total.kz, dated May 28, 2016 year

Kazakhstan launched the USAID project "Flagman" on HIV in Central Asia. Its implementation will reduce morbidity and mortality from HIV in the countries of Central Asia, including Kazakhstan, told the Republican Center for prevention and control of AIDS.

USAID regional director for the Central Asia George Deikun noted that treatment to more people living with HIV, antiretroviral therapy is the basis for stopping the epidemic.

"When people are on treatment, they are much less likely to transmit the virus to others," he said.

According to the National Center for the prevention and control of AIDS, at the beginning of 2016 in Kazakhstan, there are 17 726 people living with HIV. HIV is mainly transmitted by parenteral way, i.e. through injecting drug use (50.1%), sexually transmitted in 44% of cases.



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