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In 2016 for social support for elderly citizens and the disabled is aimed 7.4 billion tenge

elderly citizens

Sob that today at the briefing in the Central communications Service on "About the measures undertaken by the government to provide social security for the elderly" said the Director of the social assistance Department of the MHSD of the ROK, Romanomermis.

At the beginning of his speech, he noted that one of the main tasks of social policy is to ensure a decent old age of every citizen.

"This year, taking into account the possibilities of local budgets for social support the senior citizens dedicated about 6.2 billion, about 1.2 billion are sent in the framework of the social responsibility of business", - said Romanomermis.

One-time financial support received 186,6 thousand people in the amount of KZT 4.1 billion, 1.4 billion tenge was allocated for the provision of concessionary travel on public transport 950 thousand senior citizens. Preferential provision of medicines received 24.4 per thousand in the amount of 116.3 million tenge, 14.4 thousand citizens were provided sanatorium treatment worth KZT 1 billion, even 687,3 million tenge were allocated for repair of housing, provision of fuel, dentures and other types of assistance.

"To provide social support to lonely elderly and disabled citizens in Kazakhstan, there are 343 branches of social assistance at home, which serve more than 35 thousand people. For persons unable to self-serve, there are 10 rehabilitation centres (separation day), which provide services to more than 3 thousand citizens, as well as act 49 of medico-social institutions for the elderly and disabled, home to more than 6.9 thousand people", - informed Romanomermis.

Kazakhstan is implementing a national screening program aimed at identifying socially significant diseases among the target groups of the adult population: diseases of the circulatory system, diabetes, glaucoma, breast cancer, cervical. In the regions implemented screening programmes for cancer of the esophagus, stomach, liver, colon and rectum, prostate.

In the framework of the Unified national health system, according to the principle of free choice, the elderly can get medical support in any national medical organization.

Since 2011, all clinics of the country put social workers and psychologists who provide support to patients suffering from chronic diseases, requiring maximum attention and of providing not only medical but also psychological, social assistance.

To ensure continued patronage of patients with chronic diseases, making assignments, nursing care at home to patients on the attached site, in support to the district doctor and General practitioner provides for additional staffing of nurses that will improve the delivery of health care.

Recall that every year 1 October is the international day of older persons, proclaimed by the UN General Assembly 14 December 1990. The main goal of the festival is to attract public attention to the problems of the elderly. Today in the Republic there are more than 2 million senior citizens.

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